So You Want to Become A Member...

There are three ways you can join Cross Roads Baptist Church.

  1. Baptism Into Church Membership: If you have already trusted Christ for salvation but have never been baptized you can join our congregation as a candidate for baptism.  Christ commands all saved believers to follow Him in believer’s baptism by immersion.  Once you are baptized you will automatically be placed on our membership roll.
  2. Statement of Faith: If you have already trusted Christ for salvation and have been scripturally baptized, and furthermore, agree with our doctrinal statement of faith, you can join by a profession or statement of faith.  Oftentimes this is necessary if you or your former church cannot locate records of a past membership.
  3. Transfer of Letter: Cross Roads will receive letters of membership transfer from other Baptist churches whose doctrine and statement of faith align with our constitution.

If you have any questions regarding church membership, or perhaps have a situation not mentioned above, we would be happy to assist you in any way possible.  If you would like to personally come and sit down with the pastor and/or staff to discuss church membership, please feel free to contact us through the church office.

After Membership Come Discipleship

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